State Locality County Lat Lng Number Have/Had Type In Place? In Service? Piston Type Notes
Arizona Globe Gila 33.412368 -110.814996 1 B No No Unk This horn was on the top on the police building in Globe for over 50 years and was blown at 10 PM until 1990
California Benicia Solano 38.053979 -122.156448 1 B No No Unk Removed when new station was built
California Burney Shasta 40.881864 -121.669571 1 Unk Yes No Unk  
California Carmichael Sacramento 38.588805 -121.417864 2 B No No Unk Horns were located at Station 1 and Station 2
California City of Eureka Humboldt 40.804165 -124.169776 1 Unk No No Unk The city of Eureka Calif. used to have a Diaphone signal that was blown twice every day. Once at noon and again at midnight followed by the city air raid siren. The Diaphone was mounted on top of the cities water tank approx. 200 feet up and the air raid siren was at ground level. Sometime in 1985 they had decided that the horns and siren had outlived their usefulness and were scrapped due to upkeep expense. John Anderson
California Greenville Plumas 40.14003 -120.951922 1 Unk Yes No Unk They have a spare reducer and Smith Valve. Horn works just not used.
California City of Larkspur Marin 37.9344 -122.53514 1 B Yes Yes Unk One of the most famous Diaphones! Has a Smith Valve.
California City of Orange Orange 33.786827 -117.850691 1 B No No Aluminum Was in the process of being restored after being found. Has a Smith Valve.
California Red Bluff Tehama 40.175622 -122.235061 1 Unk Yes No Unk
California Town of San Anselmo Marin 37.974752 -122.56256 1 Unk Yes Yes Unk In service for flood warnings.
California City of Sierra Madre Los Angeles 34.163284 -118.052598 1 B Yes Yes Unk The City of Sierra Madre California still has its system up and running since 1940. It is sounded every day at noon. This Diaphone was featured in the 1955 movie Invasion of the Body Snatchers. - Jim Hill
California City of Vernon Los Angeles 34.005165 -118.230334 1 Unk No No Unk City of Vernon FD
California Weaverville Trinity 40.729464 -122.938908 1 Unk Yes Yes Unk Weaverville in far northwestern California installed a Diaphone and a small box network in the early 1950s with a horn and equipment from Redding CA and technical assistance from Ukiah CA. The Diaphone and Smith Valve are still operational and while not TOOTed regularly the horn does go off on its own occasionally! - Jim Armstrong and Ex-Chief Dick Berrien

System put together with a horn from Redding and a manual from Ukiah.
California Ukiah Mendocino 39.14782 -123.2083 2 B No No Aluminum Had two horns into the mid-seventies with boxes and codes one could look to for locations. Believed to now be the ones owned by Jim Armstrong.
California Grass Valley Nevada 39.219444 -121.061059 1 Unk No No Unk Grass Valley FD. Horn was located on City Hall.

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