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This site is dedicated to one of the great wonders of the outdoor warning world.  Thus far it remains the premier site for all things Gamewell Diaphone! 

The Diaphone

Although the Diaphone was originally made and still used as a fog signal, this site is primarily dedicated to it's use as a municipal/public warning device as designed by the Gamewell Corporation. Additional information was included relating to the fog signal design for reference and historical purposes.

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These horns are used at fire stations and municipal buildings all over the country to alert the public and firemen that there was an emergency, recall hospital workers, and enforce curfews.  Coded "honks" or blasts are sent out.  The number of honks tell the firemen what they have, and quite often where the incident is located.  These horns were also used as air raid signals during times of war.  They are popular in the North Eastern States, particularly in Mass., as the Gamewell Company was located in Newton Mass.

Thanks to avid Diaphone owners and enthusiasts, we are steadily increasing the knowledge base about this horn.  If you have any information, please contribute it by using the link to the left. All pictures, sound files, technical and historical information welcomed. If you know the name of a city or a fire department that still has and or uses one, please let me know also. If I have any information that is incorrect or questionable, please let me know. If I use info or items that you submit and you want credit, let me know also.

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