Diaphone Types

There are several types of Diaphones:

  • Type A – Original Fog Horn – For information on the rest of the fog signal Diaphone types, click here.
  • Type B – Diaphone adapted by Gamewell for municipal alerting
  • Type C – Gamewell horn which was larger and louder than the Type B; Jim Armstrong has a Gamewell sheet that recommends the Type C for towns with terrain problems.
  • Type D – This is NOT a different horn. A Type D system used a Type B horn but the size of the motor compressor and air reservoir capacity was different. See the literature from the Tech Info page for the details.

What kind of numbers have you found on Diaphones that you have taken photos of or have seen. Some horns have A22908, some seem to have a model and serial # plate. What about yours?? Email me.